4 Essential Features Every Landlord Should Include in Their Tenant Portal

4 Essential Features Every Landlord Should Include in Their Tenant Portal

A tenant portal needs to be more than a place where you entice your guests with activities and events. It needs to provide value during their stay. A successful portal is one that your tenants can turn to whenever the need arises.

Listed below are the key features that every professional portal should include during the design phase. Without these features, your tenants will feel ignored and lost at the worst of times.

Keep reading to upgrade your current tenant portal into something that'll work for both you and your tenants!

1. Rental Payments

More people want to pay using online means than ever before. When it comes to the millennial generation alone, around 40% choose online wallet options as their top preference. They also tend to pay the very day the bill is due, which is something all landlords can appreciate.

You'll want to make sure your tenants can pay through your portal to make the entire transaction as quick and painless as possible.

It's a feature that more people will rely on as time goes on, so make it a priority in your portal planning.

2. Access to Documents

Does your tenant know how to access important documents when they need information? When in doubt, direct them to your tenant portal.

Create a whole area dedicated to the digital record of documents and other paperwork. Include things like current lease agreements, infraction consequences, and rent due dates.

This way, when your tenant needs this kind of info, it's right there at their fingertips. They can skip contacting you for copies and speed up processes for everyone involved.

3. Contact Options

A vital aspect of good tenant relations is to ensure your tenants can reach you whenever necessary. This means you need to provide them with multiple contact options so they can choose whichever makes them most comfortable. A portal can be a quick way to communicate and offer those other options at the same time.

Using your portal as a means of communication also makes it easier for you to keep in contact. Since quick turnaround leads to happier tenants, this feature is a must-have for all landlords.

4. Report Issues

Whenever there's an issue with a property, your tenant doesn't want to scramble to find a way to report it. They want clear instructions so that they offload the problem to their landlord as soon as possible.

This makes certain that you can fix the problem in good time while also providing peace of mind to your tenants.

A tenant portal is the simplest solution to this. Since your tenant will use the portal for other tasks, they'll know how to use it for reporting during a rental property issue.

Make Your Tenant Portal Shine

The best way to ensure your tenant portal is doing all it can for your business is by employing a professional company for help.

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